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Broken food system

Industrial agriculture is a BROKEN SYSTEM. Monocultures, genetic engineering, synthetic fertilisers and the massive use of chemical pesticides are characteristics for this system, which is controlled by a few global corporations, like Syngenta, Monsanto and Bayer. This failing model destroys natural resources and wildlife, like bees and other crucial pollinators, affects human health, poisons our food, water and soil and impoverish farmers. It also narrows down our food diversity.



Ecological farming is a modern solution with a human face based on the relationship between farmers and eaters. Ecological farming combines scientific knowledge and innovation with nature and biodiversity. Ecological farmers value natural cycles, protect our bees and crucial pollinators and provide us with healthy climate friendly food as nourishment, for taste and as THE source of life.


We are voicing our concerns against the BROKEN FOOD SYSTEM and take concrete steps towards our ECOLOGICAL FOOD FUTURE. A big change can start with little steps. Every little step is a challenge, but together we can change the BROKEN FOOD SYSTEM. We love our food and we challenge ourselves to take concrete steps to protect our food future! JOIN THE FOOD MOVEMENT!

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